The Cemetery Rail
(Wannsee <> Stahnsdorf)

All photos: Felix Wachsmuth - thanks!

Pt. 1: Berlin, District of Zehlendorf

Abutment of the former Bridge over the Wetzlar Rail
(RE1, RE7, RB33)

Begin of embankment.

Embankment across Düppel forest.

The remains of former
abutment of the "Kurfürstenweg"-Bridge

Straight across the forest.

The former position of "Chipmunk-Way-Bridge"

Remains of conductor rail.

Old sills.

The Königsweg-Bridge. It was till 1990 the green border to GDR.

In the no-man's-land between green border and death trip, noone dismantled the tracks - till today!

Tracks with conductor rail (at the left side).

A conductor-rail-holder

End of the tracks.

Here was till 1999 a bridge of the former AVUS Motorway crossing
the Cemetery Rail.

Remains of sills.

» Pt. 2 : The Cemetery Rail in the County of Potsdam-Mittelmark


Andreas GKS Jüttemann 2006